Whalien 52

The most lonely creature in the world
Do you wanna know my story?
I never told this to anybody

In the middle of the vast ocean
One whale speaks softly and lonelily
The fact that no matter how much they shout, it won’t reach
Makes them so gravely lonely that they quietly shut their mouths
Now, well, I don’t care
When only the thing called
Loneliness remained by my side
I’ve become completely alone

I go towards my future
That blue beach and
Believe in my hertz

This sea is too deep
Still, I’m lucky
Because even if I cry, no one would know
I’m a whalien

Lonely lonely lonely whale
Singing alone like this
Even me, who’s like a lonely island
Can I shine on the outside
Like this, try calling once again
Until this song that doesn’t have a response
Reaches tomorrow

An endless signal, will reach someday
even to the other side of the earth
Even the blind whales will be able to see me
Today, again, I sing