Speakers at VRUX 2018
Mike Alger
A research and VR designer focusing his work on creating intuitive operating systems in VR, Alger's discoveries were greatly applaud in the design, VR, and animation community. His study revealed how different natural indicators, such as water, blood, and wood, can be translated to represented different emtional and physical states in virtual reality. Alger is currently a designer at Google.
Chris Mckenzie
A user experience designer at Goolge working on the VR team, Mckenzie experimented with how information can be displayed in VR environements. He found that screen surfaces ground UIs in VR, and that text sizes should appear the same accross different distances in virtural reality. He also found that parallax is a great way to create sense of depth in VR.
Anshuman Kumar
VR specialist at Google working and directing a team of animators, designers, researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs. Anshuman speaks about how teams can develop VR talent and utilize up-to-date VR technology. He also talks about his experience as a design manager at Google. His current research focuses on how mixed reality, augemented reality, and virtual reality intersect.