Designing User Experience in Virtual Reality
June 3, 2018
Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA
A design conference covering engaging VR design topics
Experts in the field cover topics on accessibility, interface design, product testing and design processes in virtual reality. We think that virtual reality is more than a 2018 buzzword, but a rising medium for work and play, where sharp design is crucial
VR reseracher Mike Alger discovers best means for designing movement in VR
UX designer Chriz Mckenzie at Google does reseach on screens in virtual reality
VR/AR specialist Anshuman Kumar speaks about experience as a director
Schedule for June 3rd
Time Event
11 am Guest Check-in
11: 30 am Opening ceremony
12:30 pm Chris Mckenzie: Designing screens in Virtual Reality
1:30 pm Anshuman Kumar: Experience and process in VR
2:30 pm Mike Alger: Methods for designing the most intuitive VR
3:30 pm Closing ceremony
Event Venue
VRUX 2018 will be held at Moscone Center, San Francisco, California
Address: 747 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103