– An Event Addressing the Foundational Role of the Designer Inside the Interdisciplinary Field of Design –

Design is relevant and adaptive. In a world where technology is constantly changing the world, designers need to approach a sustai–
ned progress throughout the diverse evolving media and customer engagement. However, while staying always alert of these elements, it
is also important to stay true to the fundamental conceptual ideas of design. The flexibility and appreciation of the core values of Design Essentials, including balance, integrity, and interdisciplinarity.

In this one day design event, we will address the designer’s role inside the contemporary interdisciplinary field of design. We have prepared several programs and initiatives, counting with three guest speakers that are influential in today’s design world: Nick Schaden, Libby Bawcombe, and Dokho Shin. Through this event, we intent to inspire young artists and designers to stay attentive to the Design Essentials and explore a variety of creative, unique, and practical approaches.