President, Japan Design Committee Co., Ltd.


Kenya Hara has helped mold the face of contemporary Japanese design alongside the equally influential industrial designer . His work is deeply rooted in Japanese culture, as demonstrated by the programmes he designed for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympic Games.

Chair for Sustainable Urbanism, Prof. Mark Michaeli


I am an interdisciplinary designer and product manager, who is particularly interested in user-centered experiences,and their interface with technology. Amongst other things, I value interdisciplinary and design-driven problem solving with a focus on sustainability. I worked for ingenhoven architects, HENN and Auer Weberand won the 2nd prize in the Drawing of Year 2014 Competition

Chief executive officer of the global design firm IDEO


I work with dozens of clients a year, using the power of storytelling to spark creative confidence in leaders and organizations all over the world. Although based in the Silicon Valley, I have a global role. These days, I’m helping IDEO Tokyo on its mission of refreshing Japan’s creative leadership.

1301 W Mt Royal Ave, Baltimore, MD 21217, USA


"Prototyping approach supports a greater number of iteration and enables designers to select the best solution to a design challenge without large amouts of sunk cost, i.e. time and money, invested."

-Leonard Schrage

“It’s not about just coming up with the one genius idea that solves the problem, but trying and failing at a hundred other solutions before arriving at the best one.”

-Tom Kelley

“We are going through a change, from having to create products to having to create value.”

-Kenya Hara