Why We Care About

by Svetlana Lazareva

                                       It is likely that you started your day with                                   microinteractions. By turning off the alarm on your                                   smartphone, you engaged with a user interface                                   in a single moment.

                                And you continue to engage in these moments                         throughout the day: when playing your favorite track                      on Apple Music, checking your email, answering your                   phone - various actions which do not force us to              ponder over what outcome we are going to get. Each of           these moments is so small that you probably do not even
     care much about. They are so tied into our everyday life so
  became invisible - if you are an average user and have a little deal
with web design, you could hardly say how they work or look. But once you face with a clumsy feedback form, you will surprise how much such small details matter for an overall positive feel of a website.

Trust to a product comes from experience. Lack of trust comes from either lack of understanding or lack of control. So it looks like all roads lead to a customer-centric design when everything is spinning around a user. Being Motion Designer, I agree that paying attention to every detail of any product we create is as important as the design of these