Let's rethink the way we design
When accounting for forest carbon loss, the entire paper industry emits close to 750 million tons of CO2 every year (the equivalent to the annual emissions of over 136 million cars)
125 million trees are consumed annually by the U.S. book and newspaper industry alone
Over 40% of the global industrial wood harvest is used to make paper
The paper industry is the fourth largest industrial producer of carbon dioxide and accounts for 9% of our greenhouse gas emissions
Deforestation is the source of 25% of human caused greenhouse gases
375 million print cartridges are disposed in landfills every year and take 1,000 years to decompose


Graphic desgin has a direct impact on our culture and society. It is the designer's responsibility to use this power to influence change within the world. The promotion of sustainability has increasingly gained awareness in the design community, but are we as designers are overlooking a major detail in our strive for an eco-friendly cuture: the design process.

"Reduce Reuse Redesign" is a three day event dedicated to educating graphic designers about the importance of environmentally friendly design methods and how they can implemented in their own process. Featuring lectures delivered by experts of the field and and an endless amount of resources, Reduce Reuse Recycle will aims to help graphic designers to be ecologically aware and responsible in their own professional practices. From there, we hope these standards and ideas will inspire designers to output work that will inform the public about sustainability. Perhaps eco-friendly practices will become normalized into our culture and help improve this planet we call home.

Let's not only design to change. Let's change design.


Sonja Meyer

Sustainable graphic designer, Sonja Meyer specializes in socially responsible and eco-friendly web and print design. She is an independent designer whose work includes designing for socially responsible organizations.

Sylvain Boyer

A creative director at Interbrand Paris, Sylvain Boyer focuses on how redesigning brand logos can be more environmentally and economically friendly. Through these concerns, Boyer lauched a project called Ecobranding in 2013, where he redeasigns well-known logos to create less waste.

Brian Dougherty

Graphic designer, author, and AUGA medalist Brian Dougherty is a founding partner at Celery Design Collaborative. He is a recognized leader in the ecological graphic design field and is an advocate for ecological innovation. His best-selling book, Green Graphic Design, is an essential for understanding how graphic design and sustainability go hand-in-hand.


5pm - Sonja Meyer Lecture on Sustainable Lifestyle and Design

5pm - Syvain Boyer Lecture on Waste Reduction and Applications

6pm - Brian Dougherty Lecture on the Environmentally Friendly Design Process