For many, trudging to the office every day is a bygone practice, unnecessary and obsolete. These professionals are part of the freelance economy, now representing 35 percent of the U.S. workforce, and graphic designers are among the creatives who are joining
the ranks.

Much has changed in the past five years when it comes to the graphic design biz. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that about 20 percent of graphic designers were self-employed in 2014.

According to global business intelligence company IBISWorld, though, the graphic design industry has been growing for the past five years, and freelancers now account for almost 90 percent of industry participation.

While the report notes that the startup costs for a freelance design business are low and “New graphic designers with a strong portfolio can attract clients,” it also points out that competition is tough.

Why, then, do so many graphic designers choose to work independently?

What’s the appeal of going it alone as opposed to receiving a steady stream of work — and a stable salary — as a full-time employee?

What is your choice of future?

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