Sao paulo collection

During this year's Milan design week, Nendo will submerge 30 of its new vases in an aquarium so that they gently move around like jellyfish. The Jellyfish Vases are made from ultrathin transparent silicon, which has been dyed twice to make it look like it is just a sillhouette when submerged in its water-filled display. Through its design, Japanese studio Nendo hoped to redefine the conventional role of a vase. The installation, hosted at the Jil Sander store in Milan, will feature both flowers and vases floating inside the tank. The strength and direction of the water's current will change, so that the vases undulate gently along the bottom of the tank like slowly moving jellyfish. "The design was to redefine the conventional roles of flower, water and vase by making the water inconspicuous, with an ensemble of both flowers and vases floating inside the filled water, as opposed to simply showing off flowers in a water-filled vase," said Nendo.


Which is your favorite area of design

We don’t have a preference area, our favorite thing about design is the hugely varied and eclectic range that it operates in.

You have worked with many high profile brands including Veuve Clicquot and Swarovski, which design project has been your proudest achievement?

We have been set up for two years and have been really fortunate to work with some fantastic people. We would say we are most pleased when we create a project that we didn’t expect ourselves, when that happens you really appreciate the process of realizing an idea.

Swine stands for Super Wide Interdisciplinary New Exploration- tell us about the philosophy of your design studio?

What excites us most about design is it’s potential for transformation. Materials, values, perceptions

One of your recent design collections in São Paulo was inspired by Brazilian tropical modernist design of the 1950s, tell us more about this fantastic range?

We are really interested in how an increasingly globalised world, design can help create a strong regional identity. We have a great love for tropical modernism, how Brazil re-interpreted the European modernist style and created really unique works. We wanted to transform materials from the streets of São Paulo into a desirable chic homage to tropical modernism.

What’s next for Studio Swine?

We are embarking on a 6 month residency in China to pursue two new design collections.