Dschwen LLC

Friday 5th May 2017

Brown Center Basement

10PM - 12PM

“We drive people to connect
with brands through design
that resonates.”

Dschwen is a creative studio that partners
with brands and agencies around the world.

Good design starts conversations. Our work
gets people talking across demographics
with a message that’s delivered as simply
and elegantly as possible. We whittle concepts
down to their essence and invite imagination in,
empowering audiencesto propel the meaning
beyond the confines of the medium.

Mike Perry

Friday 5th May 2017

Brown Center Basement

2PM - 4PM

“With his work, he wants to
remind you of your exquisite
magnificence. He seeks to
create planetariums of inner
space and imagination. He
wants you to recognize our
poetic interdependence.”

Mike Perry is an artist, animator, creative
director, brand consultant, poet, and designer.
His work encompasses paintings, drawings,
sculptures, art installations, books, murals.
Key to Mike’s working method is the
recognition that art and objects, go through
many iterations—discoveries, coverings,
uncoverings—until they’re finished; people do
the same until they are fully revealed.

Thomas Burden

Friday 5th May 2017

Brown Center Basement

6PM - 8PM

We are GROWNUP – a design
and illustration studio founded
and run by Thomas Burden
& Kelly Campbell.

We specialise in creating playful, fun and
engaging imagery, drawing influence from,
amongst other things, all the toys we were
never allowed as children, fairgrounds, neon
signage, and the many trinkets we’ve picked
up on our travels about the world’s fleamarkets.
We work with brands and agencies to help
them better engage with their audience by
adapting our unique mix of colour, texture and
nostalgia to suit their individual needs.

Only One Festival 2017

Contact us: ycho@mica.edu