Posters do not have to pay for the space they occupy. Despite any city ordinance or regulation, a poster can be put under the cover of night and speak its message until removed. A bold combination of image and text cannot be ignored by anyone who catches a glimpse of it from the cor- ner of their eye everyone does a double take automatically at something strange.

Posters can be made in any quantity from 110,000 or more. They can be one of a kind or reproduced in any way an individual has access to stencil, photocopy, screen print, o set print, computer print, etc. Posters can be put up anywhere and can be made very di cult to remove if it is so desired with the use of adhesive. If a message urgently needs to be spoken, it can be done.

Posters start people thinking and people who are thinking about things start conversations. A poster can remind someone of an issue that they feel strongly about and help them to cause change. A poster with a strong enough message that is seen by only a few hundred people before it is removed can actually reach a whole city by the buzz it creates.

Posters can be immediate responses to current issues and events. Their timeliness can build momentum toward change.

A poster is created for a certain audience in a certain location. Many posters would not be understood outside of their local context because it speaks directly to a certain community.

People have to
look at them

Anyone can make and
post them

A poster is
a catalyst

A poster
can be reactionary

A poster is
locally relevant



Why Posters
Are Infuential

by Dan D Shafer