Intro to
Graphic Design

This workshop offers foundation skills relevant to the discipline of graphic design. Participants develop and expand their vocabularies in visual communication, exploring basic design elements and principles for solving communication problems. Participants conduct research, generate ideas, study form and media, learn to analyze and discuss their own work as well as that of others, and become familiar with the graphic design process.

Design for User Experience

Explore the process for developing digital products that serve users' needs. Participants will prototype screen-based experiences that are empathetic to the needs of the end user. Participants will develop design concepts that mediate relationships between people and products, environments, and services. Key concepts might include content strategy, navigation structures, usability principles, personas, and wireframes.

Motion Graphics

This course focuses on time-based design elements of space, pacing, motion, and interaction as they relate to graphic communication. Projects will push the boundaries of emerging media environments and could explore designer-controlled narrative, haptic interaction, sound, or user interaction. Students are encouraged to focus projects around their thesis work or other self-determined endeavors. May be repeated for up to 6 credits.


Participants explore the comprehensive branding process by creating functional design solutions. The participant gains a new level of understanding of how design and communication can help define a organization’s message or product as well as engage how it performs. The course investigates the brand positioning process, strategic thinking, brand case studies, integrated brand communications, the launch of new products, target audiences, and a collaborative design process. May be repeated for up to 6 credits.

Package Design

This studio workshop focuses on three-dimensional structures for a broad range of products that not only protect package contents but also create an experience for the user. Participants examine how messages behave when distributed in three-dimensional space. Conceptual development, prototyping, materials, type, image, layout, design and form are fully explored to create commercial packaging. The class will also focus on social, sustainable and environmental issues. May be repeated for up to 6 credits.