Jolby And Friends: John Kenyon & Colby Nicholes “Jolby”

Jolby & Friends is a multi-disciplinary creative studio building meaningful and thoughtful experi-
ences through collaboration.

Endlessly in pursuit of complex and challenging projects, our goal is only achieved when we can
tell a memorable story creatively. What we build should move someone, make them feel something,
leave them in awe, and make them smile.

As a team of
the best mak-
ers, creators,
thinkers, and
wonderers, we
never se-
ttle. We push
ourselves and
the brands
that we work
with to new
places and
create what
we could
have never
achieved on
our own. We
collaborate for
the better.

Josh Kenyon
½ Co-Founder

Colby Nichols
½ Co-Founder