Possible Worlds is a free one day event exploring the role of graphic design as a critical and speculative tool.

The event consists of talks from three guest speakers as well as installations and a panel discussion.

It takes place on June 8th in London and will also be live streamed on this site.
About The Theme
Design, especially in an increasingly image driven culture, is an extremely powerful tool. For the majority of recent history it has kept close company with PR and corporate interest, used as a means for consolidating wealth in the hands of big business and reinforcing certain structures and world views. Possible Worlds approaches design as a means of skeptical optimism - a force that has the power to question and change political, economic and cultural conditions.

Possible Worlds presents the idea that design, by reflecting on itself as a discipline, can identify this power an redirect it as a tool for questioning these structures and building better futures. How can we find a balance between criticism and optimistic, deconstruction and imagination? Where can these two things meet? How can we use evolving media consciously and critically in a way that creates possible worlds and better futures.