Unveiling The Best In Norwegian Craft And Design
Structure is a forthcoming exhibition for Milan Design Week showcasing contemporary Norwegian craft and design. The exhibition, curated by Kråkvik & D’Orazio and Hanna Nova Beatrice, will take place over the course of five days and make its debut on April 12th at the Ventura Lambrate exhibition space. This brand new initiative seeks to unveil the “vision, innovation and artistry behind Norway’s contemporary creative scene— regardless of sector, discipline or material specialism.”
Structure was created by three of Norway’s most innovative organizations: Klubben, Norwegian Crafts, and Joturn, in collaboration with the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture. The 26 participants that make up the exhibition are leaders in the fields of design and craft whose work often meets at an intersection between these two disciplines.

Participants were invited to respond to the theme of structure or trace and this resulted in a broad spectrum of unique interpretations ranging from products, projects and prototypes. The showcased work ranges from furniture to ceramics, lighting, textiles and interior accessories. By bringing together the best in Norwegian creativity, Structure provides a forward-looking space for conversation, collaboration, and partnerships.
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