Personal Website of Liaoyuan Xu

As a designer Liaoyuan Xu has a variety of design works, covering packaging design, graphic design, architectural design and interior design. He is a master-level designer who is second to none in the Chinese liquor 'outer packaging' design field. His packaging design covers almost all famous brands in the Chinese liquor industry and many works now enjoy extremely high popularity and reputation and have become classic teaching models for design in several famous universities and colleges.

According to incomplete statistics, output value created by his design works has exceeded 100 million RMB, and his theoretical research results on 'liquor aesthetics' and 'new cultural relics, future view' have exerted a far-reaching influence on Chinese package design art. A large number of top-grade liquors with packaging designed by him (and the associated artworks) are extensively collected by celebrities in politics, business and cultural circles and are presented to foreign guests as National Gifts in important foreign affair activities; Xu enjoys fame as 'National Gift Master' in the industry.

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