Designing Society


Simon Pan
San Francisco, CA
Simon is a Product Designer and UI Designer based in California. His portfolio boasts names like Amazon Prime Music, Uber, and Medium—where he resides right now. He has a Bachelor's Degree of Computer Science, and loves traveling and living abroad.

Tobias Van Schneider
New York City, NY
Tobias is a German designer living and working in New York City, NY. He's formerly worked at Spotify as the Lead Product Designer and Art Director, and is currently serving on the AIGA Board of Directors in New York. He's worked with Red Bull, Wacom, Google, and Ralph Lauren. He currently works on Semplice, a portfolio website that makes displaying your work both simple and beautiful.

Brynn Evans
San Francisco, CA
Brynn is an user experience designer at Google, a 7th-gen Californian, and Stanford alum. She runs thinking workshops at Google, and previously at Apple, McAfee, Esteé Lauder, and a few organizations abroad. She began her UX career as a researcher; otherwise, she's a self-taught designer.