12:00 PM
Daniel van der Velden
Subverting the Spectacle
Daniel is a designer and founding member of Metahaven. Through his work, he examines how censorship, propaganda, advertising and the internet permeate and influence communication. Join us in discussing the role artists and designers play in disrupting and reinterpreting the spectacle.
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2:00 PM
Franco Berardi
Bigness to Wellness
Franco is an author, filmmaker and theorist known for his marxist critiques of culture and media. In his work, he examines how to create paradigmatic shifts away from the current infinite growth and mass consumption market. Join us in discussing the role marketing and advertising play in creating desires and how designers can work to subvert these systems.
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4:00 PM
Kalle Lasn
A Different kind of Love
Kalle is a designer and founding member of Adbusters. Kalle takes his inside knowledge of the advertising business and uses it to subvert the system. His work is enmeshed in activism. Most notably, he was part of the coalition which started occupy wall street Join us in discussing culture jamming guerrilla marketing and the role of the designer after capitalism.
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6:00 PM
Join us, as we find ways to hack the system, disrupting means of capitalist production and spectacle. We'll be working in a number of different areas, searching for speculative solutions that can be implimented in activism and daily life.
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