Food stylist, recipe developer, chef, healthy lifestyle mentor
Cynthia Groseclose lives (best) in the salt air—whether she’s at her home in South
Carolina, working in Manhattan, or on frequent stays on the sunny California coast.
Her food styling has been featured in national advertising campaigns, James Beard
Award-nominated cookbooks, and regional and national editorial publications.
Recent clients include Food and Wine, Cooking Light, Le Creuset, Caribou Coffee and
Garden and Gun. Growing up, Cynthia spent many a Chattanooga afternoon in her
family’s kitchens. Her grandmother’s creamed corn and fried chicken were just the
beginning. After college, Cynthia earned a Diplôme de Cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu in
Paris, and worked in Manhattan kitchens before moving to an Atlantic-facing home in Charleston—and to a focus on food styling.Cynthia is currently developing recipes
for a blog and book, Suppers by the Sea, that combines her passions for the ocean,
and for healthy, coast-inspired menus. She also contributes recipes online
at The Inertia. Cynthia loves surfing with her family, and she’s a brand ambassador
for the California-based women's surf and lifestyle brand, Carve Designs.


BÉATRICE PELTRE was born and raised in the countryside in northeastern France.
She is a freelance food writer, stylist and photographer, and the author of the
award-winning blog La Tartine Gourmande. Her work has appeared in such places as
the Martha Stewart Show, Saveur, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Fine Cooking, Bon Appétit, Clean Eating, Mindful, Oprah Magazine, Whole Living, the Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and the Boston Globe, as well as in other international and online publications and books. She is the author of "La Tartine Gourmande: Recipes for an Inspired Life" (Roost Books, Feb 2012). Béatrice is
currently working on her second book due in the spring 2015. She lives in Boston
with her husband and sweet daughter, Lulu.


About Julie Places I’ve lived: Stockton >> Los Angeles >> Stratford-Upon-Avon, England >> Lyon, France >>Los Angeles >>Bangalore, India >> Venice I’ll eat anything–at least twice. I’ve visited 20 countries and want to visit 20 million more. Apple fritters are my favorite doughnut. Nooks, crannies, and all, they are perfectly imperfect. For years I worked with numbers. Now I work with words. Right brain left brain ping pong is what I call this. I’m also available for freelance photography, styling, and consulting projects too.
My food collages on Instagram started out as a way to showcase seasonal and local offerings from neighborhood
farmers markets. It’s evolved into an ongoing project in the study of plant design, exploration of color theory, and pure, unadulterated food-love. Let’s be real–I like to play with my food. Thanks for letting me nerd out. Check out my Skillshare class to learn more about the inspiration, process and editing of the photos, here. Most of the the
goods are from the Saturday Santa Monica Farmers Market. Oftentimes my urban garden. Sometimes a neighborhood forage. Never a store. Photos are shot with a Canon 6D or iPhone 5 in my teeny kitchen. It’s
not a fancy set-up, but luckily, it catches quite a bit of natural light.