The term food design is often ambiguous: it can be used to describe the presentation
of dishes, the setting of a table, the packaging of a product or even kitchen utensils.
Can you explain your definition of food design? First, there’s a basic premise to make:
the paradigm of Food Design is relatively recent and there isn’t a fixed definition yet.
Some interpretations of the role are nostalgic, others are techno-visual. In any case, if
you talk about design, you talk about styling and planning, so Food Design is the
pre-ordination of everything having to do with food. To clarify: food design is tied
both to industrial production and classic design (packaging, shape, colour of
the food), as well as to a cultural and visual element. If, for example, a chef takes over a
restaurant and decides which mood it should have, that’s also food design. It’s important
not to confuse it with gastronomy and the art of garnishing dishes!