Ellen McMahon is an artist, professor, and writer at the University of Arizona. There she teaches typogrpaghy, illustration, and design theory. Before she became a professor she studied at Southern Oregon State College and received a Bachelors degree in Biology, but soon after got a masters degree at Vermont College in Fine Arts. She wrote many books one being Outside the Cookie Cutter: Approaches to Graphic Design. Below is some of the work she did: Prone to Collapse, Change Over Time.

Eric Rodenbeck is the founder of Stamen
design. Stamen Design is a large design
firm based in San Francisco, that focuses on mapping and data visualzation. Through his career he has made a goal to focus on
social change through education. By creating
Stamen he has had the opportunity to work with National Geographic on many projects. Below is some of the work he did: Habitat Restoration Map, Amazon Under Threat.

Annie Leonard is the creator of the
well known short film, The Story of
Stuff. She received her undergrad
uate degree from Barnard College,
and her graduate degree from Cornell
University. However currently she is the Executive Director of Greenpeace
USA. Below is some of the work she did: The Story of Stuff and The Story of Bottled Water.