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Welcome to the design for future event. Design is needed now more than ever in todays climate to solve problems.

Meet the speakers

De serves as Director of Civic Creatives, a social design organization that produces interactive events, tools, and services that foster the discovery, ideation, prototyping, and actualization of community-driven civic solutions. Nichols also serves as a Board of Directors member for Forward through Ferguson and chairs the Board of Directors for Creative Reaction Lab. She is a national public speaker on designing for civil rights and social justice, and she is a 2016 recipient of the St. Louis Visionary Award for community impact in the arts. Most recently, she was named as a 2017 Citizen Artist Fellow for the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.

Tim Brown, CEO and president of the global design consultancy IDEO, will join the Steelcase Inc. Board of Directors, effective today. Brown’s experience as an industrial designer, business leader, philanthropist and author will bring additional experience and perspective to the board. “Tim Brown is an important advocate for design thinking and the convergence of technology and design,” said Robert C. Pew III, Chair of the Steelcase Inc. Board of Directors. “He’s been a great resource for Steelcase through the years, and we’re eager to have his presence on the board to help guide the future of our business.”

I am a graphic designer and illustrator, I also design textiles, objects and spaces. I love the crazy culture clashes of Africa, and get lost in colors and patterns. I started working in Cape Town and London before co-founding Daddy Buy Me A Pony, which rose to be one of South Africa’s top independent design studios. During this time, we launched the award winning Afro magazine which gained a dedicated international following. In 2008, I moved to Brooklyn, New York. In addition to my commercial design work, I co-founded Mr Somebody Mr Nobody that makes African inspired domestic curiosities. I created Extra Fancy as a platform to make and produce personal work and to explore creative arenas that I love.

June 20th, 2017
McCormick Place




De talk about social roles in the community


Lunch Break


Tim talks about working in Ideo designing sustainable


Heidi talk about working in various countries, and what we should be doing


The landscape of design is changing quickly and it’s time to rethink design education, together. As the field embraces an increasingly amorphous definition of practice and an ever-expanding toolset, educators have a unique opportunity to imagine the many possible futures of graphic design, and to speculate, dream, and ideate on the role of future graphic designers.
Future is a conference concerned with alternative models for learning, radical pedagogy, utopianism, emerging technology and tools, global economics and design, virtual classrooms, invisible worlds, the growing relationship between design and tech, homogeneity in design, imagined scenarios, the role of critique in a post-internet culture, and the speculative future of graphic design .

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