Art Director,Designer

How did you get started as a designer? What first draw your interest in visual art and design?
I always drew when I was very young, all the time drawing, drawing, drawing! I hated colouring books that you had to work with someone elses artwork. While in the first art school, by chance I was given a tour of the local newspaper and found myself talking with the art director. The following week he offered me a part time job doing small editorial illustrations and designing the fashion spreads. I saved every penny and one day bought a ticket to London England where I had family. I ended up heading to Paris and staying a while to see the galleries and soak up the culture. I was 17 years old at the time and it really opened my eyes to see all this exciting art in person instead of in an art history class falling asleep!
Your poster work is really truly amazing. How did you get into the poster? What is your first experience in poster design?

You are very kind to say that, thank you. While in Paris when I was 17, I wandered into a vintage poster shop that sold all the best posters from Jules Cheret, to Leonetto Cappiello. As you know, may of these posters are huge and so powerful to see in person. It was like that moment when beams of light shown down, with a chorus of Godly cherubs with trumpets and doves and angels and rainbows appeared to say that posters were in my future! Really! My first poster was for a contest to promote multiculturalism in Canada, I think I was about 12 years old. Anyhow, it was selected and was printed and I think that was when it began really.