Creative Re(Treat)

For the designers feeling burnt out, you're not alone. An all-expenses paid retreat to walk you through how to get over this hurdle in your career.

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Jessica Walsh is a designer and art director living in NYC working for clients such as Jay-Z, Barneys, The New York Times, Levi’s, and The Museum of Modern Art, among many others. Her work has won most major design awards and has been featured in numerous books, galleries, museums and magazines worldwide. She has received numerous distinctions such as Forbes Magazine “30 under 30 top creatives designing the future”. Her book “40 Days of Dating” is being turned into a movie.

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About Mental


Isn’t it crazy that it’s socially acceptable to go to the gym to strengthen our bodies, or go to the dentist to maintain the health of our teeth, yet there is still stigma around going to a therapist to strengthen our minds, when the brain is one of the most vital organs relating to our quality of life? Why is it we can take medications to fix imbalances in our blood, yet there is still stigma attached to taking medicine for a chemical imbalances in our brains? What can I do to help end these stigmas?

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Soofiya is a graphic designer and illustrator working in and around London and Reading. Their work focuses on illustration, visual identity and book design, with most of their clients tending to be in the arts, cultural and activist sector. Soofiya is currently a regular lecturer at a Uni in London and is regularly speaks, teaches and facilitate at universities, conferences, schools and organisations across the UK about graphic design, politics, gender. They publish zines about gender & politics.

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When I first started out I wanted to work for the ‘biggest and best’ design agency in the world. I’ve worked in agencies and ad agencies and found that it wasn’t for me. The more corporate it got, the more overwhelming I found it; for me, design lost it soul. I wanted to make good work, and channel as much activism into it as possible, and those sorts of environments weren’t the space. I’m always mixing up and changing my approach to working managing the burnout.

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Aliya Khan is a feminist and activist. She received her BS in Psychology from Indiana State University and her MA in Psychology from Chatham University. She also worked with adolescents and young adults on developing activism and media literacy skills. She is currently studying Counseling Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Oregon. Also a co-founder of Empowertainment, a blog focused on gender, media, and mental health.

Burnout is


You can distinguish burnout from bad days and bad fits if you find that a) it’s persistent over time, b) you experience it in more than one situation, and/or c) if it’s a change from how you used to feel in similar situations. We here at Everyday Feminism know the feelings of burnout all too well, so we’ve compiled some tips below for how to move through your burnout and reconnect with yourself.

Treat yourself.