Creative Re(Treat)

For the designers feeling burnt out, you're not alone. An all-expenses paid retreat to walk you through how to get over this hurdle in your career.

May 5, 2017
Hammond, Louisiana
The Pond House at
Ten Oaks Farm


The Pond House at Ten Oaks Farm is a 1,250 square foot, net zero energy retreat located on a 15.5 acre site in Southeast Louisiana. The three-story structure sits over the edge of a pond and overlooks a peninsula of ten oak trees that stretch out into the middle of the pond. The Pond House features an outdoor area on the first floor including a fireplace and outdoor kitchen. The second level is completely open with panoramic views to the surrounding landscape.


9 AM
10 AM
12 PM
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6 PM
8 PM
10 PM
Check in
Talk 1
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Mix & Mingle

Treat yourself.